Online BOOST Series

I have started Khalida’s online July course (Posture & Arms BOOST) with the main aim to keep moving throughout the summer. As the classes progressed, I noticed that the posture of my body was changing, even when I was not dancing!
In my daily life (but also during dancing), I have the tendency to have a closed posture, meaning that my shoulders tend to ‘hang’ to the front of my body. By the end of the 4 weeks of this series, my posture completely reversed!
My shoulders are much more open now and this translates in more confidence as well.
I am also much more aware of my body, and I self-correct more naturally now whenever I feel a ‘slouch’.
Additionally, my dancing has changed, especially the movements of my arms. There seems to be much more freedom when moving them around.
I recommend Khalida’s online classes heartily, as there is something in these classes for everyone of each dance/movement level.
Not only your dance will benefit, but you will feel the benefits as well in your daily life and confidence!