Khalida – Dance Forever

Hi there! I’m Kim Bech. Also known as KHALIDA (meaning ‘forever’)

I’m a multi-award winning (I know) belly dance performer and online movement teacher, born in Belgium, based in Germany. I moved here in 2003 for love.

Picture by Die Elster –

Students and colleagues describe me as a gifted and generous online teacher (also, very modest!) with a deep love for the art and a passion for sharing knowledge.

My inspirations are ongoing studies in martial arts and ballet  combined with years of traveling for performing and teaching belly dance across the globe.

This is why all my online belly dance programs and performances are infused with strength, originality and fluidity.

In recent years I had to overcome chronic pain from a spinal injury (from wayy back before I started dancing) using the power of movement and gentle strength/mobility work.

Because of this I firmly believe that pain-free movement, effortless dancing and joyful creativity can be LEARNT by ANYONE, at ANY AGE.



This is why I created an ONLINE BOOST PROGRAM for dancers of all ages, all levels, all styles. It can be joined live or via recordings (or a mix of both!), from anywhere in the world.

You can get a taste of what it feels like to study online with me via my Blogs, Youtube Tutorials, Instagram REELS and Free FB Live Taster Classes

“She’s like a bellydance-butterfly! Graceful, elegant and great technique! I love her kindness, sense of humor and her generosity in sharing her passion for this art! She inspires me, not only in dancing but also in life!”

Sahra, BE

Contact me if you have any questions at all about studying with me online.

PS: Tap HERE to join me for BOOST.