Terms and Conditions

1. The following terms and conditions are valid for all classes and workshops organized by Khalida’s school of oriental dance, owner Khalida – Kim Bech (called Khalida below).

2. Students are only fully enrolled after complete payment of the workshop/class session fee. After sending the enrollment form they will receive an email confirming enrollment, including payment details.

3. If a student cancels his/her enrollment 7 or more days before the session starts the class/workshop fee will be refunded with a deduction of 5,- Euro administration fee unless specifically stated otherwise on the workshop page on the moment of enrollment. If the cancellation is less than 7 days before the session starts then no refunds can be given.

4. Transferring classes/workshops payments to another session is not possible.

5. Exception: If a student has to cancel part of a pre-paid classes/workshops series due to severe and unexpected medical reasons the remaining class/workshop fee (starting from the moment we are informed) can be refunded with a deduction of 5,-Euro administration fee, OR the classes can be transferred to another class/workshop session. In some cases we may ask for a medical certificate.

6. Exception: In case of missing part of a weekly class series, agreement with the teacher can be made for transferring to a class of the same class season in one of the parallel groups if available, as long as that other class is not fully booked.

7. The number of participants for each class/workshop is limited. Only students that have enrolled via the website, received an enrollment confirmation by email and have paid the class fee in full are allowed to participate on the workshop/class date that is agreed. If a student does not pay the class session/workshop fee by the agreed time their class/workshop spot will automatically go to the next person on the waiting list.

8. Khalida’s school of oriental dance reserves the right to cancel a class session or workshop should there be insufficient enrollments or in case of illness/force majeur/unavailability of the teacher/workshop instructor. If this occurs the class session/workshop fee will be refunded to the participant in full, but no additional damages are paid to participants. In case only part of a class session/workshop series is cancelled then this part will be refunded.

9. Prices for classes/workshops and events are communicated via the website and/or bimonthly newsletter.
Khalida’s school of oriental dance reserves the right to adapt the prices of running classes with three months prior notice via the website and/or newsletter, if applicable.

10. An audience is not allowed during our classes/workshops, as it may disturb the other participants. Friends, parents, children, companions of the students are welcome to stay in the waiting room for the duration of the class if there is one available.

11. Filming (parts of) a class or workshop is not allowed. Exceptions can be made if the teacher/workshop instructor explicitly agrees. It is at the discretion of the teacher/workshop instructor whether certain portions of the class/workshop can be filmed or not, and whether they can be filmed themselves or not.

12. Wishes of the teacher/workshop instructor regarding the use of the filmed material of their classes/workshops have to be respected by the participants. In case these wishes are not respected the participant risks exclusion from the class/workshop or any future events organized by the school.

13. Khalida’s school of oriental dance does not offer insurance for participant property that is lost, stolen or damaged. All items, including electronics, are brought to the studio at the item owner’s own risk. Participants are allowed to take their valuable items with you into the class room during class.

14. Mobile phones should be switched off or set to silent mode during any workshops/classes.

15. Any damages to the studio grounds and interior of the studio are to be paid by the party causing the damage.

16. Like all exercise classes, dance carries the risk of injuries. As a student you declare to be in good health and to understand that the organizers and teacher are not responsible for any accidents or injuries incurred during class time. If you have specific pre-existing medical conditions (i.e. injuries, illness) or in case of pregnancy, please seek the advice of your physician beforehand and make sure to inform the teacher of your condition(s).

Privacy statement
The data collected by Khalida’s school of oriental dance (eg. through the enrollment and contact form) are for internal use only and will not be shared with external/third parties, with exception of insurance. If you’d like to review/change your data you can always email us via info@khalidadance.com

Last update: 24.04.2013