“I originally signed up for Khalida’s BOOST classes because I saw she was offering a silk veil series, and that happened to be a topic I was working on at the time. I’m really glad I did! Although I normally prefer to focus my training on all things Egyptian, I have found these classes, and Khalida’s approach to teaching, incredibly helpful.

I’m not a naturally coordinated person, and I’ve often found my dancing is held back by muscle imbalances and body awareness issues, which aren’t addressed in most bellydance classes.

So I really appreciate that Khalida breaks each topic down to its absolute basics and goes through the underlying anatomy, with carefully chosen exercises to activate and release exactly the right muscles for each movement.

It is like a multidisciplinary bodywork class designed especially for the physical demands of bellydance!

I can already tell after a few months that this is helping to give me a much stronger physical foundation for all of my dancing, which I can take with me into whichever styles I am studying.

It really is BOOSTing the overall level of my dancing! Plus, the short classes are a lovely low-pressure way to unwind with movement, after a day of working at my desk :)”

- R. United Kingdom

Hi Khalida,
I want to say thank you for the incredible instruction you have provided online.
I am just finishing up your 4 week BOOST series on Veil – did the September workshop yesterday – and my head is full of new ideas.
Your combos are exciting and your explanation and demonstration very clear.
I just wish I could do it live with you but that is 2 am in my world.
Next – fan veils!
Thank you.

-K. Canada

I love Khalida’s approach: on Monday strength exercises, on Tuesday relaxation and on Friday we dance. These 30-min sessions are quite intensive, but a lot of fun. Afterwards I’m bursting with energy!
Since Khalida does not only master belly dance, but also studies ballet and various Korean Martial Arts, she teaches differently than other teachers.
I signed up for the Super Student packages because real-time zoom classes seem to motivate me more: Khalida gives immediate and effective feedback during the class that will help you to improve your dance in a correct way. After each BOOST series, your dance is transformed completely.
My shimmies are a lot stronger, my posture is improved and when I dance I focus on a lot more than only ‘dancing’. I would recommend these classes for everybody: from beginners to advanced.

S. - Belgium

As someone who has been dancing for many years, I have found Khalida’s online Silk Veil BOOST classes invaluable to build upon and develop my technique and to learn new skills so that I can take my dancing to the next level.
Khalida is highly knowledgeable, her warm and giving personality make her online classes an absolute joy and I highly recommend them! I found the cross training and strengthening exercises really helpful too.

C. - UK

Khalida is the most amazing teacher and taught me during her online BOOST courses so much on posture, travel steps and dancing with a veil.
I have been belly dancing for over 10 years now, but she keeps on amazing me on the different aspects there are (you really can never stop learning!) and teaches in detail everything you need to know in order to be a better dancer and have more confidence.
Khalida takes the time to explain everything in depth, and because I have access to the recordings, I can keep on training whenever I have time, from wherever I am (even when waiting for the train to work!)
I will for sure keep on following her online classes in the future, and I can recommend her to everyone who wants to keep on growing and perfecting their dance.

K. - Belgium

I’m loooving your 30 minute BOOST sessions!! Gives me so much new knowledge and inspiration for both myself and my teaching.

- C. Sweden

Your explanation of anatomy level, weight shift, angles of body parts, layering,… (the list keeps going) make me move better instantly, also your tips for pressure points work every time.
Thank you very much.
I Look forward to your Friday tips every week.

- QW. China

My favorite email on Friday with the every lovely Khalida! The format is just perfect!
A mail with a link to a short but splendid video. I love that the videos are short but STACKED full with very useful tips which come in handy not only for dance, but also for other activities and life in general.
This feels like coach Khalida giving you motivation and a virtual high five.
Worth all the stars!


- L. Belgium

“So nice to end the workweek with looking forward to the TipDrop

- K.

I have started Khalida’s online July course (Posture & Arms BOOST) with the main aim to keep moving throughout the summer. As the classes progressed, I noticed that the posture of my body was changing, even when I was not dancing!
In my daily life (but also during dancing), I have the tendency to have a closed posture, meaning that my shoulders tend to ‘hang’ to the front of my body. By the end of the 4 weeks of this series, my posture completely reversed!
My shoulders are much more open now and this translates in more confidence as well.
I am also much more aware of my body, and I self-correct more naturally now whenever I feel a ‘slouch’.
Additionally, my dancing has changed, especially the movements of my arms. There seems to be much more freedom when moving them around.
I recommend Khalida’s online classes heartily, as there is something in these classes for everyone of each dance/movement level.
Not only your dance will benefit, but you will feel the benefits as well in your daily life and confidence!

- K.

“For me Khalida is an enthusiastic, passionate, impressive, professional dancer and artist. Her flowing movements, the precision in her choreographies and the visible passion cast a spell over you!

Not only on stage, but also in her workshops, where her positive spirit motivates and inspires the participants.
She is attentive throughout and sees every single participant, gives appreciative feedback and is open for questions!
Her explanations are clear and precise. Khalida always seems to be super prepared and informed and is broadly based.
She uses her knowledge about different sports, art, literature, nature and much more.

The workshops with Khalida are a lot of fun and you really learn a lot. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, Khalida manages to pick you up at your level. For me as a professional singer and passionate hobby dancer, the workshops with Khalida are always a great enrichment for me privately, but also for me as an artist.

I am very happy to have met Khalida, as a dancer, teacher and colleague in the arts!

So if you are looking for artistic input and want to gain new impressions or improve your dancing skills, I can warmly recommend Khalida’s workshops.”

- Eva, Germany

“When I booked the first month of Khalida’s online classes I didn’t plan on doing all three sessions per week – I’m already super flexible and do my own strength training.

But when I joined those cross training sessions I soon realized how great this combination really works: on Mondays and Tuesdays you prepare yourself by working on strength and mobility, but mostly on connecting with your body. This new awareness then helps you make great leaps of improvement during the Friday dance sessions.

This program of bodywork and dance let me see unexpectedly huge effects – on a belly dance-teacher and dance-student with 22 years of classes! So if you love Khalida’s graceful elegance and are ready for some deep but fun bodywork-classes: join us!”

- Sandra L. - Germany

“Thank you! I have gotten so much with every one of your DVDs/videos and I look forward every single one of them as they come out. They are well worth the money and my dance and practice is always improved by working with them.”

- Dawn

Dear Kim,
I have recently purchased your online instruction for fan veil, veil and zills. They are an absolute pleasure and so informative. I especially enjoy the little details for body movements that add just an extra bit of polish and flow to them. Thank you so much for your wonderful and helpful instruction!

Sandra Van Baaren

Many of us have another life besides belly dance; another job, another hobby, a family life… Still the passion for bellydance keeps growing and keeps claiming her spot in our lives.

There are many possibilities out there to improve our technique or to tone our bodies fitness-wise, but the options to explore a deeper impact are fewer… untill now.

With this DVD, you explore your body. You can use the exercises for dance but you can also apply them in your daily life. The DVD contains 4 times 15 minute exercises. That is achievable for everybody, including me as a mom of a 4-month old baby. You don’t need much except your body, your laptop and 15 minutes you cut out of your facebook time :) And still, in these 15 minutes, you get so much enriching information to connect with your body. We all know how good this feels: the moment you think: ‘I was living too much with my head, and not enough with my senses, oh how I needed this’. For that, this is the perfect DVD.

To those who prefer just dancing: don’t worry, every ‘movement check’ ends with a belly dance drill/ follow-along routine where you immediately feel the difference.

xxx Liesbeth/Elisheba

Liesbeth/Elisheba, BE

Good morning Khalida. The DVD (Oriental Choreography) arrived on Friday. Very quick delivery thank you. It looks amazing. Beautiful dance (and dancer!) and very clear teaching. I love it. Thank you. Xx

Sue, UK

“Thank you Khalida! Just tried your drills and conditioning DVD & my body feels so much better. My shimmies were great! It was lovely dancing with you in my lounge :) “

Claire, UK

Dear Khalida, I practiced with your new DVD (Drills and Conditioning) a few days ago and I really loved it and enjoyed all the new tips you gave. I really appreciate it and it goes to my favorite DVDs list (together with shimmies :) and Rania Renee’s baladi DVD) . All these DVDs are full of good explanation, technical instructions, drills and inspiration and improvisation possibilities. I think that makes a great dance DVD and couldn’t ask for more. Thanks for your effort and sharing your knowledge. All the best and looking forward to some new videos from you

Sonja Antanasijevic, DE

“This morning I did the legs-against-the-wall exercise from miss Khalida’s ‘Drills and Conditioning’ DVD. I have the idea that this helps me to find balance and a peaceful state of mind. It also makes my legs and feet stronger! When I combined it for the first time with arm patterns, it felt a bit strange, but when I dance now I have the feeling dat my arms are lighter, which is something I never achieved before with my ‘regular’ practice.

Also; I’m currently having an injury for allready a year (something with adductors, hamstrings and/or hips/pelvis). Doctors didn’t defined yet what it is, but some days it hurts like hell and keeps me from hiking, running and dancing. That’s also the reason why I couldn’t do leg stretches too for the past year, because that would only make it worse. Some days my pelvis even got infected from doing nothing. So, it’s been quite a challenge to search to learn and find out what works and what doesn’t (read: what hurts me and what doesn’t). BUT! Here’s the thing; when I did this exercise for the first time I had a lot ofpain afterwards though it felt very good the moment itself. So I decided to keep doing it for a few days. And today (for the first time in a long year!!!!) I can sit normally without having pain (though I ran (too much) yesterday AND I danced which is normally the perfect cocktail to have to sit it out for a few days). I do believe that this is the benefit of doing this exercise.

I even start my days with it. I roll out of bed straight onto the wall. It’s doens’t hurt me now anymore. But I do feel that it’s very good for my body! It’s also a great start of the day!

Also; working with this DVD is so good to work and get to know my ‘TOOL’ as a dancer; my body. I’m dancing for so long now, but since I started to work with this DVD it feels different. My practise is different by laying the focus on good healthy movement for my body. It feels like I’ve learned so much more about my own body and it feels so much healthier. It doesn’t feel like a punishment for my body anymore. All of this combined with the ever lovely charm of Miss Khalida herself is just great! She’s just an amazing teacher. She teaches so much more than just ‘how to dance’. She never holds anything back. Anyway, I have to conclude that I love her (DVD’s). She makes me grow, every single time again, as a dancer, as a student, as a human, as a teacher. No words could ever describe my gratitude for her!”

Lyna Chione, BE

“Hi Khalida,

I wanted you to know that I received my DVD’s a few days ago! I worked out with the shimmy DVD and I had to tell you that it is an amazing tutorial- very thorough! You are an exceptional teacher!
Tomorrow I do wings! Thank you thank you thank you!”

Deborah, USA

“You’re just awesome Khalida!!!! A true professional. Strong, dedicated and humble. You keep growing and challenging your self as an artist.”

Sadie, USA

“Hello Khalida thank you so much, loved the two classes I had with you, and the conditioning class was just what I needed now! Loved your dancing and the finale with the fan veils and the Euro music was great, at the end you were like an apparition that slowly vanished behind a stream of colour :-)”

Maria/Patricia, NO

“Khalida is one of the most inspiring people I’ve met. Her performances never fail to amaze me. She has turned me speechless with introvert and emotional dances as well as with powerful dances, bursting with exciting energy. She is also an excellent teacher/coach. As a person, Khalida is sweet, very generous and funny to boot! If you get the chance to dance with her or just to hang out, don’t hesitate, you won’t be sorry :-) If that’s not quite an option…. get her on DVD! :-)”

Queenie, BE

“Khalida is one of the few oriental dancers who manage to combine natural grace with solid technique and musicality. Her passion is strong, her emotions are real, and her teaching has but one trademark: quality in every detail!

Maikki, NO

“She’s like a bellydance-butterfly! Graceful, elegant and great technique! I love her kindness, sense of humor and her generosity in sharing her passion for this art! She inspires me, not only in dancing but also in life!”

Sahra, BE

“Khalida is one of my biggest dance inspirations. Her performances are filled with grace and charm. Her teaching style is passionate and giving. Her personality is sincere and humble. She truly is a unique gift to the community of Oriental Dance.”

Angelica Jordan, CA

“Khalida is one of my all time favorite dancers. Whenever I see her perform, it only makes me want to work harder & get better myself! She’s truly inspirational: elegant, beautiful, amazing technique, … A fairy princess!

Adiva, BE

“Thank you so much for your inspiration, and letting us in on your tips and tricks for performance and life in general. I am thankful for your feedback and feel I have grown in dancing, mind and confidence throughout your class”

Tonje Stenen, NO

“Khalida is a true inspiration for me. Both her grace and power on stage make her a must-see-dancer. But not only is she one of my favorite performers, Khalida is also one damn fine teacher. She has structure, technique and above all patience :). She doesn’t mind to explain 2-3-4-5 times if you’re not catching up on a technique. If you ever have the chance to participate in one of her masterclasses, you MUST; you will become a better dancer afterwards!”

Esmé, BE

“Up until now I’ve attended a couple of workshops and masterclasses taught by Khalida and I can only say one thing: “Waaw”! Not only is she a very pleasant person and teacher with a lot of humor, she also really knows what she’s talking about. Khalida sees every little detail and knows just how to explain things so that you not only understand it in your mind, but you can feel it, too. With a few tricks, tips and a lot of fun she manages to feed you her great passion for the dance. She’s a true inspiration for me – In the future I hope to dance a whole lot more in her classes!”

Naila, BE

“Looking back, I was a baby dancer when I took my first class with Khalida. I had been taking classes for several years and figured I pretty much knew everything there was to know. Boy, was I wrong :-)

Khalida’s classes are a fun mixture of dance, technique, conditioning (ouch!), styling and music/cultural background. She was the first teacher who encouraged me to take workshops and study with as much teachers as I possibly can. She introduced me to the local bellydance community I love so much today. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the dancer I am today if it wasn’t for her.

Since she moved to Germany, I can’t take weekly classes with her anymore, but I still try to catch every opportunity I can to study with her. After every class, I come home with tons of inspiration and motivation! And despite her busy schedule, she always takes the time to answer any questions I may have. I consider her my coach, role model and friend.

So if you ever have the chance to study with her, don’t hesitate! I’m sure you’ll love her right away!”

Luna Llena, BE

“Khalida just loves to share all her knowledge with fellow dancers and that makes her a world class teacher in my book. I love her cheerful femininity and her excellent technique. She blows my mind every single time.”

Nephélé, BE

There would be so many positive things to say… but, this time, I would just add : Thank you, Khalida, for sharing your knowledge with us, helping us grow with your teaching and, above all, making us dream with your dancing! <3

Zahra, BE

Happy Friday! I wanted to end my first week back on a super happy note and reminisce about a few of the ”Epic Things I Learned” in 2013.

The first thing that comes to mind is a 3-day private Veil Intensive I booked with Khalida in May. I’m not exaggerating AT ALL when I say I learned so much that I *still* haven’t processed everything!

Not only did we work on technique and choreography, but she gave me powerful insight into posture, stage dynamics and transitions that no one else has ever revealed to me. I had so many ”aha!” moments! So yeah… thank you Khalida!

To anyone reading this, book her for an intensive! Book her for a private lesson or two! You will be AMAZED!

Razia Star, USA