What I am up to right now

At the moment I am home, figuring out what to do about the coming weeks.

Our ‘Poplar of Pley‘ has thankfully survived the storms (which wiped out a big part of Hürtgenwald recently) quite well.

I”ve just released a free video snippet of my latest DVD/Online Class, ‘Balletic Moves for Bellydance‘:

I am also

Next to that I am

  • Brainstorming on a brand new series of home-recorded online miniclasses for my own Gumroad channel
  • Collaborating with Dance4Children on our charity movement channel
  • Working on my flexibility with Stacey Nemour’s amazing online stretching courses, about which I am blogging here.
  • Practicing for my next belt grade test (2nd Dan) in TaeKwonDo, and the next colour belt test (4. keup) in Haidong Gumdo (Korean Sword Art)
  • Working on new dances and fun workshop topics for future events :)

In the near future I will be

  • Working on a new blog post with practical tips for dancers and online class teachers.
  • Starting to work on a brand new project (mysterious!) about which I will be able to tell a bit more soon.


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