MoveSpiration is a 4-day crosstraining event in Germany, which aims to bring together dancers of all levels to share a love for learning, movement and inspiration.

I’m happy to announce that MoveSpiration Germany will take place on 23-24-25-26th July, 2020.

Enrollments are now open via the form below – Limited number of participants!

Supporting a good cause! Like every year, a percentage of proceeds of the Event will be donated to – working together to support multiple good causes through various projects and events.

I hope this weekend will bring you inspiration, joy of movement, and dance motivation for years to come.

Our MoveSpiration 2020 Teacher Team


Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday 23-24-25-26th July 2020



Due to Covid-19, this event has been cancelled.


Thank you!

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been part of the MoveSpiration experience. It was an honour and joy to learn and move and dance together with you these past years.

xx Kim/Khalida and Team MoveSpiration