Study with Khalida from your home!

I’ve got you covered.

Get in touch and let’s dance! (or talk :))

I am offering the opportunity to take ‘Virtual private classes’ with me, in the form of live (Facetime/Whatsapp or Skype) video chats and as written feedback via email on videos that you send in.

This method is especially useful for technique tweaks, choreography work, and for dancers that would like input on specific concepts they are working on.

I also offer shorter ‘Dance Talks‘ for quick questions and advice.

If you’d like to set up a session or receive more info about prices and possible dates, simply send me an message via the Contact form!

Topic Inspiration

  • Reviewing or brainstorming choreographies for specific performances or for competitions. Also for groups.
  • Technique: Basics and layering, transitions, traveling steps, turns, hands and arms, abdominals, drum solo, etc…
  • Props: Veil dance, double veil, fanveils, stick/cane, wings, zills, and sword balancing, etc..
  • Concepts: Improvisation, taxim, middle-eastern rhythms, musical interpretation, dancing with live music, etc…
  • Fitness: Tips for training, effective warmup and cooldown, stretches, drills, safe dance posture,..
  • Styles: Modern Egyptian, Golden Era, fantasy, drum solo, baladi, saiidi, veil work, fanveils, isis wings..
  • Coaching: Competition coaching/advice, tips for stage fright, choreography/technique feedback, marketing tips, etc..
  • Stage work: Expression and stage usage, poses and lines, intros and exits, styling, costuming and stage makeup.
  • Online classes: How to record/set up instructional videos, best practices, etc..
  • Other topics: See workshop topics list.

Questions? Interested? Get in touch with me via email or the Contact form!

“There would be so many positive things to say… but, this time, I would just add : Thank you, Khalida, for sharing your knowledge with us, helping us grow with your teaching and, above all, making us dream with your dancing! <3”

Zahra, BE
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