Khalida is a multi-award winning professional belly dance performer and instructor, born in Belgium and living in Germany. She offers coaching for dancers, instructional DVDs, workshops for different levels as well as high-quality performances.

Khalida has a background in ballet and jazz. She discovered middle eastern dance in 2003, and has been studying martials arts (Tae Kwon Do) and dance & movement theory in addition since 2015.

In 2007 she was the first dancer/instructor to graduate at Yamila’s 3,5- year training for performers/teachers of Middle-Eastern Dance with distinction, and the first dancer to win the ‘Bellydancer of the World’ main category (solo oriental/raqs sharqi) at Leyla Jouvana‘s international festival in Duisburg.

Known for her musicality, originality, presence and technique, Khalida has quickly become a sought-after performer and instructor at local as well as international bellydance events. Students, coachees and dance colleagues describe Khalida as a gifted and generous teacher and an engaging performer with a passion for the art.

In recent years, she has been successfully featured as a guest instructor/performer at international belly dance festivals in Norway, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, The UK, Luxembourg, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Israel, Turkey, Canada, and the US (Hawaii)

She is also an experienced judge and bd competition coach.

“Hello Khalida thank you so much, loved the two classes I had with you, and the conditioning class was just what I needed now! Loved your dancing and the finale with the fan veils and the Euro music was great, at the end you were like an apparition that slowly vanished behind a stream of colour :-)”

Maria/Patricia, NO

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