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If you run into any questions, I am here for you. Let’s BOOST!

Would you like to..

  • BOOST your dance skills from the inside out?
  • GEEK on your favorite belly dance moves?
  • IMPROVE your posture effortlessly?
  • Feel more ENERGIZED, for dance and life?
  • Learn how to DANCE & MOVE with confidence?
  • Feel STRONGER and yet more RELAXED?
  • Get CREATIVE no matter which level you are at?
  • MAXIMIZE the skills you already have?
  • Finally DO something for YOU?

And best of all.. get ALL OF THIS from just 3 short sessions per week?

YEES – That sounds good to me!

What is BOOST?

BOOST is a unique Online Program designed by Khalida for Belly Dancers of ALL levels. It combines short, gentle, yet extremely effective Strength, Relaxation and Dance mini sessions to help you transform the way you dance and move from the inside out.

BOOST is the ONLY way to study with Khalida Online in 2022. Don’t miss it!

The BOOST Program is 36 Weeks in total, spread across the full year, and it includes Recordings.

BOOST 2022 Topics

Please note: Our Main Season Themes for BOOST 2022 are set, but the topics within our Seasons may still shift!

  • BOOST 2022 Season 1 – Making an Entrance (TURNS, Stagecraft, Traveling Steps, Props & No-Props Intros – 12 Weeks)
  • BOOST 2022 Season 2 – The Belly of the Dance (eg: BELLY WORK, Smoothness & Accents, Improvisation & Choreo Tips – 12 Weeks)
  • BOOST 2022 Season 3 – A Lasting Impression (eg: POSTURE, Floorwork Basics, Shimmies, Arms, Tips for a fabulous Finale – 12 Weeks)

As a Full- Year BOOST 2022 Participant (aka BOOSTie!) you’ll get:

  • Access to all 2022 BOOST Recordings
  • A BOOSTie Workbook (one per Season)
  • A Certificate of Participation (on request, at the end of the year)
  • Personal Feedback (on request, during the BOOST year)
  • 1-Year Access to our Private BOOSTie FB Group Community

Would YOU like to join the 2022 BOOSTie Adventure?

Yess – I want to be a BOOSTie!

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    What will happen after you hit ‘Send’?

    • You’ll get an automagic email if your enrollment was successful (if you don’t see it, let me know)
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    • You’ll get access to our Private BOOSTie FB Group.
    • And finally.. In January 2022 you’ll receive an email from me with the BOOST payment link

    That’s it!! Happy to welcome you to BOOST 2022!

    What can you expect from the BOOST Program?

    • Positive energy
    • Movement motivation
    • Posture improvement
    • A BOOST(har) for your mood
    • Clear instructions
    • A safe place to learn
    • Inspiration for dance (and life!)
    • Tons of practice material
    • A teacher who cares
    • Personal (if you want!) feedback
    • Connecting with your fellow participants

    BOOST 2022 Payment & Prices

    What does BOOST2022 cost?

    Depending on WHEN you sign up, these are the prices:

    • Early Bird (before Dec 31st): 405 EUR (or 3 x 135 EUR) plus VAT/BTW/MWSt (where applicable *)
    • Full BOOST Price (starting Jan 1st): 450 EUR (or 3 x  150 EUR) + VAT/BTW/MWSt (where applicable *)

    (*)  Do I have to pay VAT/BTW/MWSt?

    • If you live outside of the US, then most probably YES. You can calculate the VAT % for your country here
    • VAT/BTW/MWSt is automatically calculated at checkout on your Gumroad payment page (you’ll get a link on January 1st)
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    How does it work?

    • Enroll today and conveniently pay later (January 2022)
    • You’ll get a confirmation email right away (email me if you don’t see it!)
    • You’ll get an email with your BOOST payment later (on January 1st, 2022)

    What are my Payment Options?

    There are 2 Payment Options (Price is the same):

    • One-Time Payment (ONE Payment for the full BOOST Year)
    • Seasonal Payments (THREE Payments, one per BOOST Season)

    If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to email me!

    Practical Details!

    When do we start?

    • BOOST 2022 will start on Monday January 10th, 2022

    How many classes do we have?

    • Like this year, we will have 3 Seasons of BOOST (12 Weeks per Season)
    • 36 Weeks of BOOST Sessions in Total (spread across the year)
    • 3 (30-minute) Live Sessions per Week (Monday, Tuesday, Friday)

    What time are the Live Classes?

    • Monday 12:30 – 13:00 CET/Berlin Time: Strength
    • Tuesdays 12:30 – 13:00 CET/Berlin Time: Relax
    • Fridays 12:30 – 13:00 CET/Berlin Time: Dance

    (+ a few minutes of Bonus Zoom Q&A Time after each class)

    What if I miss a few Sessions? (or cannot join Live at all?)

    • All BOOST class recordings can be reviewed in our Private FB Group
    • You will also receive a link to download/stream the Recordings (uploaded on Fridays)

    What about the ZOOM/FB Live Sessions?

    • You are welcome to join ANY BOOST Live sessions that fit your schedule (no need to catch up first!)
    • If ZOOM doesn’t work for you, you can join via FB Live instead
    • You can join our ZOOM sessions with or without camera
    • Even if you run late (it happens!), you can still hop into Zooms/FB Live

    So.. Are you ready to be a BOOSTie?

    YESS – I am SO READY!

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      Full Address and Country: *

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      I would like to receive updates on upcoming events and releases by Khalida

      By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website for administrative purposes.

      PS: If you are new to my online classes and would like to sample how they look/feel – GO HERE for a free class recording.


      What BOOST participants are saying

      Online BOOST Class Experiences:

      “Being part of the online BOOST series was a wonderful experience. Khalida is a great teacher. I always love her classes in real life.
      In these past months I joined the online classes (I was a bit nervous because I am not such a fan of computers and online stuff) I did not know if online would work for me.
      It was amazing.
      Although we worked form a computer screen it felt like real personal contact.
      These classes really improved my posture, fluidity and dancing.
      Looking forward to the 2021 series!!!”
      I. The Netherlands

      “I originally signed up for Khalida’s BOOST classes because I saw she was offering a silk veil series, and that happened to be a topic I was working on at the time. I’m really glad I did! Although I normally prefer to focus my training on all things Egyptian, I have found these classes, and Khalida’s approach to teaching, incredibly helpful.

      I’m not a naturally coordinated person, and I’ve often found my dancing is held back by muscle imbalances and body awareness issues, which aren’t addressed in most bellydance classes.

      So I really appreciate that Khalida breaks each topic down to its absolute basics and goes through the underlying anatomy, with carefully chosen exercises to activate and release exactly the right muscles for each movement.

      It is like a multidisciplinary bodywork class designed especially for the physical demands of bellydance!

      I can already tell after a few months that this is helping to give me a much stronger physical foundation for all of my dancing, which I can take with me into whichever styles I am studying.

      It really is BOOSTing the overall level of my dancing! Plus, the short classes are a lovely low-pressure way to unwind with movement, after a day of working at my desk :)”

      – R. United Kingdom

      “I love Khalida’s approach : on Monday strength exercises, on Tuesday relaxation and on Friday we dance.

      These 30-min sessions are quite intensive, but a lot of fun.

      Afterwards I’m bursting with energy!

      Since Khalida does not only master belly dance, but also studies ballet and Korean sword, she teaches differently from other teachers.

      I signed up for the Super Student packages because real-time zoom classes seem to motivate me more: Khalida gives immediate and effective feedback during the class that will help you to improve your dance in a correct way.

      After each BOOST series, your dance is transformed completely.

      My shimmies are a lot stronger, my posture is improved and when I dance I focus on a lot more than only ‘dancing’.

      I would recommend these classes for everybody: from beginners to advanced.”

      – S. Belgium


      “As someone who has been dancing for many years, I have found Khalida’s online veil BOOST classes invaluable to build upon and develop my technique and to learn new skills so that I can take my dancing to the next level.

      Khalida is highly knowledgeable, her warm and giving personality make her online classes an absolute joy and I highly recommend them!

      I found the cross training and strengthening exercises really helpful too.”

      – C. UK


      “Khalida is the most amazing teacher and taught me during her online courses so much on posture, travel steps and dancing with a veil.

      I have been belly dancing for over 10 years now, but she keeps on amazing me on the different aspects there are (you really can never stop learning!) and teaches in detail everything you need to know in order to be a better dancer and have more confidence.

      Khalida takes the time to explain everything in dept, and because I have access to the recordings, I can keep on training whenever I have time, wherever I am (even when waiting for the train to work!)

      I will for sure keep on following her online BOOST classes in the future, and I can recommend her to everyone who wants to keep on growing and perfecting their dance.”

      – K. Belgium


      “Looooooving your 30min sessions!!

      Gives me so much new knowledge and inspiration both for myself and my teaching.

      C. – Sweden


      “I have started Khalida’s online July course (posture & arms BOOST) with the main aim to keep moving throughout the summer.

      As the classes progressed, I noticed that the posture of my body was changing, even when I was not dancing!

      In my daily life (but also during dancing), I have the tendency to have a closed posture, meaning that my shoulders tend to ‘hang’ to the front of my body.

      By the end of the 4 weeks of this series, my posture had completely reversed!

      My shoulders are much more open now and this translates in more confidence, an unexpected bonus.

      I am much more aware of my body now, and I tend to self-correct naturally whenever I feel a ‘slouch’. Additionally, my dancing has changed, especially my arms.

      There seems to be much more freedom in my movements now.

      I recommend Khalida’s online classes heartily, as there is something in these classes for everyone of each dance/movement level.

      Not only your dance will benefit, but you will feel the positive effects in your daily life as well!”

      – K. Belgium


      “When I booked the first month (BD Basics) I didn’t plan on doing all three sessions per week – I’m already super flexible and do my own strength training.

      But when I joined those cross trainings I soon realized how great this combination really works: on Mondays and Tuesdays you prepare yourself by working on strength and mobility, but mostly on connecting with your body.

      This new awareness then helps you make great leaps of improvement during the Friday dance sessions.

      This program of bodywork and dance let me see unexpectedly huge effects – on a belly dance-teacher and dance-student with 22 years of classes!

      So if you love Khalida’s graceful elegance and are ready for some deep but fun bodywork-classes: join us!”

      S. – Germany


      Kim Khalida Bech


      Hello there! I’m Kim, also known as Khalida (meaning ‘forever’ :)) Dance

      I’m a multi-award winning oriental dance performer and international instructor, as well as a martial arts student, born in Belgium, based in Germany.

      As an experienced workshop teacher I deeply enjoy combining experience from different movement fields and dance forms and using that knowledge to work with dancers, teachers and students of all levels.

      I like to infuse my online classes and workshops with movement tips drawn from classical Ballet, Belly Dance, Contemporary Dance, Body Mechanics, Flexibility and Strength Work, but also Performance Theory as well as various types of Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do and Korean Sword Art/Haidong Gumdo)

      My main focus is to use simple, but effective movements to help dancers open up their posture and increase body awareness, from the inside out. I want to enable as many dancers as possible to move freely and elegantly, with flow.

      Contact me for any questions:

      If you have any questions about the Khalida Online 2022 BOOST Program, don’t hesitate to Email me!

      I’m looking forward to sharing the BOOST Online adventure with you.

      Much love, and see you soon!

      xx Kim/Khalida

      PS:  For a taste of my online classes – GO HERE for a free class recording.