DVD Testimonials

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DVD Testimonials

“Thank you Khalida! Just tried your drills and conditioning DVD & my body feels so much better. My shimmies were great! It was lovely dancing with you in my lounge :) “

Claire, UK

Dear Kim,
I have recently purchased your online instruction for fan veil, veil and zills. They are an absolute pleasure and so informative.… Read more “”

Sandra Van Baaren

“Dear Khalida, I practiced with your new DVD (Drills and Conditioning) a few days ago and I really loved it and enjoyed all the new tips you gave. I really appreciate it and it goes to my favorite DVDs list (together with shimmies :) and Rania Renee’s baladi DVD) . All these DVDs are full of good explanation, technical instructions, drills and inspiration and improvisation possibilities. I think that makes a great dance DVD and couldn’t ask for more. Thanks for your effort and sharing your knowledge. All the best and looking forward to some new videos from you”

Sonja Antanasijevic, DE

‘Drills & Conditioning’ by Khalida

Many of us have another life besides belly dance; another job, another hobby, a family life… Still the passion for bellydance keeps growing and… Read more “‘Drills & Conditioning’ by Khalida”

Liesbeth/Elisheba, BE

“This morning I did the legs-against-the-wall exercise from miss Khalida’s ‘Drills and Conditioning’ DVD. I have the idea that this helps me to find balance and a peaceful state of mind. It also makes my legs and feet stronger! When I combined it for the first time with arm patterns, it felt a bit strange, but when I dance now I have the feeling dat my arms are lighter, which is something I never achieved before with my ‘regular’ practice. Also; working with this DVD is so good to work and get to know my ‘TOOL’ as a dancer; my body. I’m dancing for so long now, but since I started to work with this DVD it feels different. My practise is different by laying the focus on good healthy movement for my body. It feels like I’ve learned so much more about my own body and it feels so much healthier.”

Lyna Chione, BE

“Good morning Khalida. The DVD (Oriental Choreography) arrived on Friday. Very quick delivery thank you. It looks amazing. Beautiful dance (and dancer!) and very… Read more “”

Sue, UK

“Hi Khalida, I wanted you to know that I received my DVD’s a few days ago! I worked out with the shimmy DVD and… Read more “”

Deborah, USA


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