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The online classes below are also availabe as DVDs.

“Thank you Khalida! Just tried your drills and conditioning DVD & my body feels so much better. My shimmies were great! It was lovely dancing with you in my lounge :) “

Claire, UK


NEW! Downloadbare/Streaming DVD: Oriental Choreography with Khalida (1.5 hours) Now available! - preview video

Downloadable/Streaming DVD: Drills and Conditioning (1,5 hours) - Preview video


Downloadable/Streaming DVD Set: All About Arms (4 x 45 minutes) - Preview Video

AllAboutArmsTitleDownloadable/Streaming DVD Set: Shimmy Sessions (4 x 1-1,5 hours)


Downloadable/Streaming DVDs: Just the Props (3 x 1,5 hours)

UD109Downloadable/Streaming Online Classes: BDEssentialsonline


Downloadable/Streaming DVDs: Shimmies and Isis Wings with Khalida (downloadable version of the original DVDs)


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x Khalida