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The online classes below are also availabe as DVDs.

“Good morning Khalida. The DVD (Oriental Choreography) arrived on Friday. Very quick delivery thank you. It looks amazing. Beautiful dance (and dancer!) and very clear teaching. I love it. Thank you. Xx”

Sue, UK


NEW! Downloadbare/Streaming DVD: Oriental Choreography with Khalida (1.5 hours) Now available! - preview video

Downloadable/Streaming DVD: Drills and Conditioning (1,5 hours) - Preview video


Downloadable/Streaming DVD Set: All About Arms (4 x 45 minutes) - Preview Video

AllAboutArmsTitleDownloadable/Streaming DVD Set: Shimmy Sessions (4 x 1-1,5 hours)


Downloadable/Streaming DVDs: Just the Props (3 x 1,5 hours)

UD109Downloadable/Streaming Online Classes: BDEssentialsonline


Downloadable/Streaming DVDs: Shimmies and Isis Wings with Khalida (downloadable version of the original DVDs)


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x Khalida