At the moment I am home in Germany, preparing for the upcoming events in July and August. The upcoming weekend will be an action-packed one, with an office-party performance on Friday evening, our blue-red belt test at TaeKwonDo on Saturday, and a day of judging competitors at the first edition of the Dutch Open BD contest.

Next to that, I am looking after my (very) miniature bio-kitchen-garden, which is currently looking like this:

I am not entirely sure whether I have placed the name cards back in the right order after the initial watering, but we will see :)

And the outside kitchen-window view now looks like this (picture from June):

I am also

  • Studying ballet with my favourite teacher Constanze Janssen in Aachen at Ballettschule Renoldi. We’ve started practicing the group dances for our ballet recital next February. Mazurka time!
  • Taking beginner pointe training classes on Tuesday evenings by Giulia, Constanze’s daughter. Not easy, but I love it!
  • Practising TaeKwonDo, together with my husband, with Großmeister Chae Seung-Eun in Eschweiler, DE. We’re now training for our blue-red belt test in July.

Picture below taken at the NRW Mudo championships in Cologne, DE this June

Next to that I am

I am still in nostalgia mood. Picture below taken by Osnafotos at Delanna‘s Golden Era-Themed live-music ‘Nostalgia Night’ show at 360° Orient Festival with Mazzikatea Europe.

In the near future I will be

  • Teaching a technique workshop day themed ‘Dance from the heart‘ on Saturday 29th of July at the studio in Würselen, DE.
  • Hosting/co-teaching at Movespiration, a special crosstraining weekend for dancers at studio Sarossy in August 26-27th 2017 in Würselen, DE. Looking forward to it already!

More updates will follow soon!

Latest update: July 05th, 2017 – Inspired by the Now