At the moment I am home again, unpacking and recovering a bit after a very enjoyable weekend full of dance in Holbaek, Denmark. It’s frosty, but sunny outside, and the woods have been calling me.

I am also

  • Preparing for the open day of my ballet teacher’s school in Aachen, DE (Ballettschule Renoldi) this Sunday. It will feature demo classes for all the age groups (children and adults) as well as a modern/jazz group choreo by Constanze, and a short BD performance by me.
  • Studying TaeKwonDo, together with my husband, training with Großmeister Chae Seung-Eun in Eschweiler, DE twice a week. (and of course, practising my kicks in the kitchen while getting coffee – I am currently working on my yop chagi/side kick)
  • Adding workshop notes to my ‘other’ website, over at
  • Looking forward to hosting Guy Schalom (UK, Baladi Blues) at our studio in Würselen, DE for the first time on January 29th for a full day of live (tabla) music and dance workshops.
  • Preparing an interview with Boženka about her dance studio in Crete, her dance practice/creational process, and the DancEscapade event next May 19-21st 2017 she is hosting for the first time in Plakiás, Crete this year.

Next to that I am

In the near future I will be

  • Working on Movespiration, my latest event hosting (ad)venture at studio Sarossy this August 26-27th 2017 in Würselen, DE
  • Performing at a few events in The Netherlands and Belgium (this March – see the Schedule page)


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