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“Looking back, I was a baby dancer when I took my first class with Khalida. I had been taking classes for several years and figured I pretty much knew everything there was to know. Boy, was I wrong :-)

Khalida’s classes are a fun mixture of dance, technique, conditioning (ouch!), styling and music/cultural background. She was the first teacher who encouraged me to take workshops and study with as much teachers as I possibly can. She introduced me to the local bellydance community I love so much today. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the dancer I am today if it wasn’t for her.

Since she moved to Germany, I can’t take weekly classes with her anymore, but I still try to catch every opportunity I can to study with her. After every class, I come home with tons of inspiration and motivation! And despite her busy schedule, she always takes the time to answer any questions I may have. I consider her my coach, role model and friend.

So if you ever have the chance to study with her, don’t hesitate! I’m sure you’ll love her right away!”

Luna Llena, BE



April 2018

Sa-Su 21-22nd April 2018 - BERLIN, DE - WS with LIVE MUSIC - New!

I am deeply honoured to be invited as a featured guest (co-)instructor for the first edition of Guy Schaloms ‘Real Music Academy: BERLIN’ live music program for dancers this April 21-22nd, 2018

Email for information and updates

Limited spots available!

May 2018

Fr-Su 18-19-20 May 2018 - PLAKIÁS, CRETE (GR) - DancEscapade with Boženka and Khalida - WS and Hafla

3 Days of dance, joy and inspiration featuring 12+ hours of classes with Boženka and Khalida in a beautiful and relaxing setting, and an optional studio hafla with performance opportunity for participants on Saturday @ Boženka’s Studio by the Sea in Plakiás, Crete (GR)

Enrollments & Info:

Few spots left!

July 2018

Fr-Sa 6.-7. July 2018, WÜRSELEN, DE - Live (Tabla) Music Immersion Weekend - The Next Level! with Guy Schalom (UK) - WS Weekend and Hafla

A full weekend of live (tabla) music immersion and dance classes in Würselen, DE with the fabulous Guy Schalom.

Enrolments & Info:

Only 4 spots left!


Su 8. July 2018, WÜRSELEN, DE - Bonus WS 'Fast Ears' (with live drumming!) with Guy Schalom (UK) - WS

Bonus WS: 'Fast Ears' on Sunday 8th of July 2018 - Musicality and Improvisation Skills with Guy Schalom.

Enrolments & Info:

Only 7 spots left!


August 2018

Fr-Sa-Su 24-25-26 August 2018 - Aachen, DE - MoveSpiration Weekend - Crosstraining WS Weekend

MoveSpiration - A crosstraining weekend for dancers, @ Ballettschule Renoldi in Aachen, DE (near the BE/NL border)

3 days of inspiration movement/dance/martial arts classes with Khalida and her favourite teachers in Dance and Martial Arts. A unique opportunity for dancers of all levels! <3

Enrolments & Info:

Only 4 spots left!


More dates and events will be added soon.