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“Dear Khalida, I practiced with your new DVD (Drills and Conditioning) a few days ago and I really loved it and enjoyed all the new tips you gave. I really appreciate it and it goes to my favorite DVDs list (together with shimmies :) and Rania Renee’s baladi DVD) . All these DVDs are full of good explanation, technical instructions, drills and inspiration and improvisation possibilities. I think that makes a great dance DVD and couldn’t ask for more. Thanks for your effort and sharing your knowledge. All the best and looking forward to some new videos from you”

Sonja Antanasijevic, DE



Oriental Choreography with Khalida - Preview

Warmup Strategies and Follow-Along Drills

Drills and Conditioning - Preview



All About Arms - Preview

AllAboutArmsTitleShimmy Sessions


Just the Props

UD109BD Essentials


Shimmies and Isis Wings with Khalida (downloadable/streaming version of the DVDs)



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