What I am up to right now

At the moment I am home in Germany, mentally and physically preparing for the upcoming events in October and November. I am also enjoying the colours of fall, my favourite season.

The lily pond in Eschweiler Woods look like this right now:

Our miniature garden of this summer has yielded quite a robust (it survived our holiday in September!) cherry-tomato plant, and the first tomatoes are finally growing! We hope to be able to harvest in the coming weeks/days :)

I am also

  • Still taking 3-times-a-week ballet classes with Constanze Janssen (see www.ballettschule-renoldi.de) and Giulia Janssen (Constanze’s daughter). Both of them will be teaching classes during the next MoveSpiration event in August 2018. Exciting!
  • Recovering from a mini-tournament and workshop day in TaeKwonDo forms (poomsae) hosted by Master Seung-Eun Chae in Stolberg, DE last Sunday. Both Mr E and I placed first in our respective categories, despite us being pretty nervous (as always) before our start. Practice pays!

Next to that I am

  • Almost finished with updating the brand-new website for the MoveSpiration weekend, with information about our teachers and topics of the event. More details will be added soon, but early bird enrollments have already opened!
  • Preparing for teaching and performing in Oslo, at Siri Ydstie’s 1001 Nights festival this October 27-29th. Queenie of Belgium will be there, too!
  • Practicing for my red belt test in TaeKwonDo this December 3rd, and for our Ballet recital next February 24-25th.
  • Working on a new fanveil fusion dance for future events :)

In the near future I will be

  • Working on a new blog post with practical tips on working with your instructional DVDs as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • Starting to work on a brand new project (mysterious!) about which I will be able to tell a bit more soon.


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